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Grace DoubleNegative

The Mundane and Mediocre

Because a sitely section is a great way to make it seem as though you have content with little to no actual effort.

Justification and Defense- Why, oh why, did somebody have to make another shrine to that damsel in distress?

Behind the Curtain- All about yours truly, the webmistress! Doesn't that name remind you of S&M? Or is it just me?

Layout and Coding - This includes all the credits I need to give, and also, like, how I coded it and stuff.

Frequently Asked Questions- The frequently part is a bit of hyperbole on my part. Name, terms of use, all that fun sitely stuff.

Updates- See what's new around here. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Lands Beyond Hyrule

Affiliates and Allies- My gorgeous affiliates and how to become one.

Links to the Past - No, I really couldn't keep myself from making that obvious pun. Links out, links in, and Zelda fun all around.

Joined - Directories and webrings I've joined in an attempt to popularize my madness. Now with fanlistings!