This is the reason I am a knight;

Chris Lightfellow was not a character that I expected to like. I mean, I'm all for girls with swords, but could a perfect knight really carry a story like the one Suikoden III wanted to build? The answer was both yes and no. Chris could carry her share of the story and then some, but she is far from the perfect knight.

Sterling. Chris.

Sterling: Chris Lightfellow, Suikoden III
What: Mini-shrine/Fanlist
Status: Complete except for the media.

I tend to fall for female characters more by virtue of their weaknesses than their strengths. Chris' strengths are obvious-- there are no dents in her armor. But the armor isn't the half of it, really. She's so believably portrayed as a woman undulating between reputation and humanity. What is she willing to give up for the sake of her knighthood? What is the cost of her chivalry? I love questions like that and a game that's willing to ask them. The internet needs more Suikoden shrines.

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