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Welcome to Libertine, a site dedicated to giving some dude with a mullet more respect than he deserves. Reno provides comic relief and smirking antagonism to the main party in Squaresoft's 1997 opus Final Fantasy VII. He's recently been reprised in the movie sequel, FFVII: Advent Children. It's pretty much the largest collection of Reno-centric information you're likely to find, and I hope you enjoy your visit.

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Libertine is also the location of a fanlisting for Reno. It's listed at TFL under the Games and Animation categories, under the Characters: Final Fantasy VII subsection. It's also listed at TAFL under the Characters category, under Final Fantasy: Last Order. Whew!

This is the seventh layout here at Libertine. Or at least, it was going by the numbers, I think I may have fudged it a bit somewhere along the line. Whatever. The important thing is, it's the seventh layout at a Final Fantasy VII site. And we're also celebrating our 1000 member milestone, as you can see by that garish graphic I've designed mostly to take up space.

To view this site you'll want some sort of web-browser that displays CSS, a resolution 800x600 or greater, and a tolerance for my strange sense of humor. I design in Safari, but my site should be viewable in all browsers, though I can't vouch that it will look good in any of them.

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