Before Crisis takes place six years before Final Fantasy VII and is played from the Turk's perspective. The player characters take on AVALANCHE, an organized eco-terrorist group aimed at destroying Shin-Ra.

The game appears on the cell phones of lucky Japanese people everywhere. And by everywhere, I mean Japan. So, I haven't played it, and it's really not something I can play. The game follows the adventures of a player-selected stock Turk, a rookie who has to learn the ropes of Shin-Ra. He or she works with the established Turks and meets up with some of the other Final Fantasy VII characters, of course. You also create materia by taking pictures with your camera.

Reno is a constant companion and mentor-type figure to the player character, a rookie Turk. He shares a relationship of alternate teasing and encouragement that he does with Elena in game. You can train with him, some missions he serves with you, and if you get in trouble there's a possibility he will rescue you.

In-game, Reno is referred to as the "fastest of the TURKS" and displays great loyalty to both Rude and the TURKs as a whole, rather than Shin-Ra itself. He reveals some hesitation about the less-than-savory aspects of his job, and even flat-out rebels when he feels the company has gone too far. He reveals unfavorable feelings towards Heidigger and his friendship with Rude is as strong as ever.

There's also a rumor that he wears sparkly pink underwear, but that's unconfirmed.

The game plots Shin-Ra's rise to power as well as its fall from grace. The TURKs are asked to go on some increasingly squicky missions. At the same time, AVALANCHE poses a serious threat to their new world order, and also to the well being of the planet. It's secret benefactor is none other than Rufus himself, who's making a ruthless power play against his father. It also has its crazy scientific supergenius a la Professor Hojo. They get shut down, but at what cost?

Really, uh, from what I understand, AVALANCHE was just as bad as Shin-Ra at the time. Also, sparkly pink underwear!

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