Let's be clear. Libertine does not support your Reno pairing. I would only write about a romantic relationship if I felt it were canon or had a pretty good argument in canon, and there's nothing with regards to Reno. He's the only Turk who's crush we never learn, and the female he's closest to is Elena, who is head-over-heels for Tseng. Could this all change someday? I guess. But by that point I we'll probably be on Final Fantasy VII: Part 13 and I will have finally grown disgusted with Square-Enix enough to stop buying their crap. (Hahahha, who am I kidding? It'll be preordered like all the rest.)

There are a lot of fan-created pairings for Reno, because he's attractive now and it is a truth universally acknowledged that any single man in a Final Fantasy game must be in want of a wife. You can't just leave characters single, unless they're like, Hojo, because ewww.

I kind of think that's silly.

It's not that Reno wouldn't tap that, it's that why would you pair anyone you had any respect for with him anyway? He'd probably cheat. He's kind of a scumbag. He doesn't seem the type for commitment or white-picket fences. He leans towards alcoholism and might not wash his hair. I doubt he has very good breath. Most of the good guys probably can't get over that drop plate Sector 7 go BOOM deal anyway. There are a lot of issues with sticking Reno in a romantic setting.

There are practical concerns as well. Reno doesn't iron his shirts, so I don't think he'd help with the housework. His job keeps him away on business. He's actually a bit of a workaholic. And the TURKs are a high-risk operation, there's no garuntee he's going to come back. But then, maybe he's a really good cook or something. I don't know.

This isn't meant to say there's no place for love in Reno's life. He's not a total nutcase like Sephiroth, who can't connect with humanity except through the pointy end of his sword. Nah, to keep it with the Jane Austen clich&eacte; romance novel logic, a reformed rogue makes the best husband. And hell, who doesn't love a good courtship story? All the Pride and Prejudice stuff is fun, funny, and it can be really sweet. Amor vincit omnia and all that stuff. Reno's not a monster, and Hojo managed to find someone to settle down with in-game. But for my money he's more Wickham than Darcy, and that's what keeps him fun.

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