If you you'd like to affiliate your fanlisting, don't hesitate to email me about it. I accept Final Fantasy VII fanlistings only, but stuff from the compilation is fine too. Currently I'm not looking for more shrine affiliates as I have a lot of them. Affiliation's been closed, for like, years, so I'm gonna open it again. If you actually want to be affilated with this train wreck of a site, that is.

Shrine Affiliates

Here are a list of Libertine's sexual conquests affiliates!

Black Ops Black Ops is Emma's absolutely wonderful shrine to the Turks. She has indepth profiles and a lot of really great media- it's a great place to visit, and better than this sorry place. And she's a fellow Reno fanatic!

Locked Heart Locked Heart is Victoria's really nice in-depth Tifa shrine. She's got all the ususal content, a beautiful gallery, and a page about Buffy the Vampire Slayer parallels. Awesome!

Saint Saint is Sara Anne's heartfelt tribute to Aeris Gainsborough, the infamous Final Fantasy martyr. You can tell a lot of time and effort has been put into this shrine, I look forward to seeing all the many sections being put up. Definitely a must-see.

Asperity Schism is Nao's astoundingly complete shrine to Cloud, Final Fantasy VII's main man. With detailed and personal analysis and a real thougt-provoking look at a man of many layers, this shrine is simply a must visit. (Don't stay here, seriously.) Not to mention the awesome and unique layouts.

Ninja Ninja! is Emma's fun shrine to everyone's favorite unlikely ninja. (Okay, well, I like Edge better, but I think I'm the only one. And I still like Yuffie.) It's a great browse and full of interesting asides, like all of Emma's wonderful sites. Oh, and there's media too.

Never Ever NEVER EVER is unique and insightful tribute to Tifa. There's a musical twist to the shrine, and it just emphasizes how heartfelt this site is. Emphasizing Tifa's humanity and extremely sympathetic nature, this is an extremely rewarding visit if you haven't been to Stacey's series of Final Fantasy VII sites.

Fast and Loose Fast and Loose is a shrine to Reno owned by Kristel, who is probably a bigger Reno fan than I. It's currently on hiatus, but I'm really looking forward to seeing what she comes up with when it reopens.

Elegy Elegy is a shrine to Vincent Valentine, who's actually my favorite Final Fantasy VII character. Ivy decorates the place with her own fanart and sense of humor. Plus, she plays Dirge of Cerberus so that you don't have to!

Fanlisting Affiliates

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Libertine is a tribute, fansite, and fanlisting to one Reno, who hails from the ever-expanding universe of Final Fantasy VII. As such, it should probably not be taken very seriously. It's also a fan endeavor, with no affiliation with the Artists Formerly Known as Squaresoft.