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Shin-Ra stuff!

The bestest part of Final Fantasy VII gets its own special section.

Black Ops- The Turks
Empire- Rufus
Abandoned Hope- Vincent
Elegy- Vincent
Mystery Moogle- Cait Sith
Calamity from the Skies- Jenova
Fast and Loose- Reno
Angels Instead- Sephiroth

Other Final Fantasy VII

I'm way, way, too lazy to alphabetize these, you'll just have to make do.

Lamb- Marlene
Kinky- Don Corneo
Amethyst- Cid
Simulacrum- Cloud
A Passing Dream- Aeris
Rose of May- Tifa
Beast- Red XIII
All Creation- Yuffie
My Light- Aeris
Getaway- Cid/Yuffie
Eternal Love- Cloud/Tifa
Hikari- Cloud/Aeris

Listed at: In the Fade, Saigo, Greyscale, FF Shrine Finder, Emotion

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