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What? Final Fantasy VII? You mean there's something besides Advent Children? Snarky comments aside, you get to fight Reno several times in the game, and each time he's not that difficult. He uses some weird lightning rod-stick-thing to fight, and it can hurt, but not so bad.

Fight Number One

Level: 17
HP: 1000
MP: 0
EXP: 290
AP: 22
Gil: 500
Win: Ether

Reno has two attacks- his Electo-rod which does around 60 damage and can randomly paralyze, and a pyramid attack which imprisons your characters. Attack the pyramid with a physical attack and it will break. After that, it's not a very tough fight. Three against one is hardly fair. (And you're supposed to be the good guys!)

Fight Number Two

Name: Reno
Level: 22
HP: 2000
MP: 80
EXP: 660
AP: 60
Gil: 1500
Win: Fairy Tale
Name: Rude
Level: 23
HP: 2000
MP: 135
EXP: 720
AP: 70
Gil: 2000
Win: X-Potion

This is more or less a straight battle. Which item you get from the Turks depends on which one you KO first. I reccomend focusing on Reno (as much as it pains me) because "Fairy Tale" is a good weapon for Aeris and you can find X-Potions lying about everywhere. Interestingly enough, Reno has lost his lightning resistance in this battle. Also, Rude cures and will never use fire on Tifa, and avoids attacking her at all if he can help it. how sweet.

Fight Number Three

Name: Reno
Level: 42
HP: 15000
MP: 230
EXP: 5000
AP: 300
Gil: 4000
Steal: Tough Ring
Win: -
Name: Rude
Level: 49
HP: 20000
MP: 280
EXP: 5500
AP: 360
Gil: 5000
Steal: Ziedrich
Win: Elixir

Again, Rude avoids attacking Tifa. This time around, Reno has a confusion attack and a powerful lightning attack. Rude has fire-based attacks, but none of them are resistant to either element. This is an optional battle, but it's worth it for the great items you can steal.

Fight Number Four

Name: Reno
Level: 50
HP: 25000
MP: 200
EXP: 4500
AP: 450
Gil: 3000
Win: Elixir
Steal: Touph Ring
Name: Rude
Level: 51
HP: 28000
MP: 250
EXP: 5500
AP: 600
Gil: 5000
Win: Elixir
Steal: Ziedrich
Name: Elena
Level: 53
HP: 30000
MP: 100
EXP: 6400
AP: 800
Gil: 7000
Win: -
Steal: Minerva Band

Reno absorbs lightning, Rude absorbs fire, and Elena absorbs ice- so it's best to avoid an elemental spell and the all materia for this battle, because chances are it will heal one of them. Elena can confuse your party, so watch out. This, too, is an optional fight, be sure to steal from them all.

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