Reno 101

Oscar Wilde once said that the two weak points of our age were "want of principle and want of profile." Reno has both. Observe:

Age: Not applicable
Blood Type: Not applicable
Birthday: Not applicable

Seriously, Square, that's a real help. Thankfully, this saves me from inane birthday and blood type analysis. Okay, technically, the profile goes on.

A member of the Turks with a style all his own. In Final Fantasy VII, Reno stood against Cloud and the others, but his face no longer shows any sign of such hostility.

Reno is generally regarded as the second-in-command of an orginization known as the TURKS, a branch of the Shin-Ra Electric Power Company. Now, I know this sounds kind of stupid. But the Turks are the "Administrative Research" division of Shin-Ra, which is apparently a euphamism for being a dirty bunch of crooks. Because Shin-Ra isn't just any electric power company, no, it's an electric power company bent on WORLD DOMINATION. Ahem.

Because clearly Shin-Ra's goals are less than honorable, the protagonists must put an end to their dastardly ways. Shinra responds by throwing the Turks at you. You have to fight Reno at several points during the game. He fights with some weird sort of electric rod, and truth be told, he's not too difficult of an enemy. And yet, he remains one of the more popular Final Fantasy VII characters. Why? One word: style.

Reno has got a lot of personality, and a lot of the times it seems to be conflicting. He's both a ruthless mercenary and a hard-drinker who doesn't let his work get in the way of a good time. He's business upfront, party in the back, he wears his shirt unbuttoned, and he whacks people with a big electric stick. He is everything that is great about Final Fantasy, minus the angst and inconvenient penchant for world-saving.

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