Uncle Shin-Ra Wants YOU!;

As a few people have asked me now if I take submissions, I thought I'd make it abundantly clear that I do. (Like, really, send me stuff.) I'd love to make this a community as well as an individual effort, and make this site as comprehensive as possible.

You can send me the following things:

  1. Reno wallpapers, icons, avatars.
  2. Reno fanart and fanfiction. (Keep it PG-13 though, nothing they wouldn't have put in the original game. Because I am a prude.)
  3. Other random media. (Screenshots, doujinshi, etc.)

If you're going to send me something, including a description and how you'd like me to credit you is helpful. (And I do credit, so no worries.) My email is here:, and I generally will reply back to submissions with an Email of Extreme Gratitude.

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Libertine is a tribute, fansite, and fanlisting to one Reno, who hails from the ever-expanding universe of Final Fantasy VII. As such, it should probably not be taken very seriously. It's also a fan endeavor, with no affiliation with the Artists Formerly Known as Squaresoft.